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Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Season 13 Spoilers From The Cast

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For more than 10 years, Grey’s Anatomy has brought fans more drama and jaw-dropping moments than they ever thought they could handle. Time after time, fans think it might be time to walk away from the show, but time after time they get sucked back in and now it is on to its 13th season. With more drama, and shocking twists surely to come in season 13, here are 10 small spoilers right from the stars of Grey’s Anatomy:

10. Right Where We Were

In many shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, they use the break in between seasons to jump ahead in time and start off far away from what the characters were dealing with in the last season’s finale. Fans who have seen the premiere already know that it picks off where season 12 left off, but Jason George who portrays Dr. Ben Warren revealed how adamant they were. “I was told all summer, don’t change anything about your look, come back exactly the way you left. And then when I got back for the table read, I found out they meant it. This is, like, minutes later,” he explained. “I’m telling everyone you need to go back and watch the finale so you’re up to speed. You don’t want to jump on a train already doing 70 miles an hour!”

Source: ABC

Source: ABC


9. Jo and Alex

Season 12 left off with a terrifying situation in which Alex severely beat up Andrew DeLuca, and many questions about what that meant for Alex and his relationship with Jo. As it turns out, there won’t be an easy fix for the couple. “Jo feels like her past puts not only her, but Alex too, in an extremely dangerous position,” Camilla Luddington who portrays Jo said. Of course, she still hasn’t told Alex that she is still wed to a man who had abused her in their relationship. “She was worried that if she told Alex, he would have a knee-jerk reaction and perhaps do something to make it worse for them both.” It also doesn’t help that seeing Alex so violent makes her rethink being with him. “There’s residual feelings about her own experience with physical violence in her home. Now she’s witnessing an assault again by someone she loves. Emotionally she’s in a very complicated place. She’s torn.”

Mitch Haaseth/©ABC/courtesy Everett Collection

Mitch Haaseth/©ABC/courtesy Everett Collection

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