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I’m A Celebrity: Jimmy Bullard takes the Banter too far with Jake Quickenden

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 30 Nov 2014 01:01 AM / No Comments / 56 views

THEY’VE been best mates since Jake Quickenden arrived in the jungle.

But tonight saw Jimmy Bullard and the X Factor star get into a spat over their banter.

Jimmy Bullard joked about Jake having no talent [ITV] 

It all kicked off when Jake made a joke about Jimmy looking like newsreader Michael Burke.

He said in the Bush Telegraph: “This morning me and Jim had a bit of banter. Vicki came in and Michael was lying on a bed and she thought it was Jimmy so I was like whay-hay, Jimmy, Vicki thought you was Michael.  You must have the same body.  And he didn’t really like it!”

Jimmy responded: “Alright, f*****g He-Man.  Just cos you’re all f******g muscles.

“You’re calling me a 68 year old man.  That’s nasty in a way. It ain’t affecting me. You’re out of your league son, you’re out of your depth.  It’s embarrassing.”

Jake Quickenden and Jimmy both apologised for their comments [ITV/Wenn]
Jake Quickenden and Jimmy both apologised for their comments [ITV/Wenn]

He then pushed it further by sayingL “You weren’t (entertaining) on The X Factor, that’s for sure. I thought you had a bit about you but the more I’m getting to know you, the more I’m just thinking, ‘what the f**k is this pr*ck doing in here? What’s he offering?’ Why the f**k are you in here? What are you? What sort of skill have you got?”

Thankfully the pair made up afterwards when they both admitted they were only kidding.

Edwina Currie had her first solo Bush Tucker trial and came away with eight stars out of 10. But with the camp still split into two, only the winging team would receive the benefit.

After going on against Foggy in a head-to-head task, it was the girls who won and enjoyed a dinner and glass of champagne.

Edwina got eight out of 10 stars for her trial [ITV]
Edwina got eight out of 10 stars for her trial [ITV]

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