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Kristen Stewart wows in pink gown at film premiere as she reveals she hopes to help others by coming out

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Kristen Stewart says she hopes she can help others by coming out.

In February the 26-year-old made headlines when she revealed she is gay while hosting US late night sketch show, Saturday Night Live.

The actress, who dated her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson for several years, spoke about her decision to open up about her relationship status publicly.

“I always wanted to keep what was mine in private mine because I didn’t want to be part of an industry that was just making money off of it,” she said.

“It wasn’t that I didn’t want people to know who I was, it was just that it seemed trivial and weird. And then, I thought like you know, you open it up a little bit and you can help one or two people it’s absolutely worth it.”

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

This is the second time Kristen has teamed up with French director, Olivier Assayas.

This time the duo tell the story of Maureen (Kristen), an American woman working in Paris, who is trying to connect with the spirit of her dead brother Lewis, waiting for a sign from him.

“She starts receiving strange text messages from an unknown sender as the director takes the audience into a scary horror-type thriller between Paris, London and Oman.

“It deals with a girl who is just sort of like crippled by lofty questions that you ask yourself in life that everyone does. But at a certain point you kind of understand that they are unanswerable questions and you move on and you live life and you’re normal and you wake up and eat breakfast and go to work,” she said.

Kristen Stewart

“This girl is just experienced such a loss that those questions – she delves so deep into them and gets so lost in them that reality becomes a very ambiguous thing. And so that’s why the movie is scary. It’s like, is this real, are we – like are we having the same experience, are we alone, what’s it all for?

“That’s actually scary than like, boo, ghosts,” Kristen, who stunned in a pink gown at the New York premiere of the film on Thursday, added.

Kristen Stewart

The movie has been described as a seductive, mysterious ghost-story, but Assayas said it’s simply a coming of age tale.

“It’s a character who is in moment in her life where she has to somehow become herself. Because she just lost her twin brother, so it’s really like a character who is one half of herself and she will gradually rebuild her life and become someone as opposed to no one. When the film starts she feels like she’s no one.”

Kristen Stewart

Actress Kristen Stewart

The actress, who debuted a fresh buzz cut earlier this week, also said she knew it would spark attention.

“I’m glad that it worked out. You never know, I could have had like some wonky, bumpy head and I got lucky, I just have the pinhead that I thought that I did, so it worked out.”

Personal Shopper, which also stars Nora Von Waldstatten and Sigrid Bouaziz, first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2016 and will be released in on March 10.

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