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MTV’s 10 Biggest Controversies And Scandals

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Since its founding in 1981, MTV has gone from one of the most predominant music channels to one of the biggest series networks. Way before the rise of reality TV, MTV was way ahead of the curve with series like the Real World, and now it has expanded into several original scripted series as well. Unfortunately, the network has also come under fire multiple times for things that happen on its various series, and for things that MTV stars have gotten themselves involved in. Take a look at MTV’s 10 biggest controversies and scandals over the years:

10. Buckwild Cast Drama

Back in 2013, MTV introduced its newest reality series Buckwild as a “redneck” version of its hit series Jersey Shore. Unfortunately for the network, if it thought its Jersey Shore cast was wild they had no idea what they were getting into with the young cast of Buckwild. Before the show even aired, there was an issue with a sex tape of two of the stars being shopped around, and while they were able to keep it under wraps while the show aired, after it was cancelled, it once again became a problem for MTV. Then, a month after the series premiered, one of its stars Salwa Amin was arrested with two other men following a drug raid in which police found heroin, Oxycodone, and a large amount of money. Finally, after the death of star Shain Gandee, MTV pulled the plug on the show, which in turn caused a problem with the show’s producer J.P. Williams who already had a second season in the works, and threatened to take the show to another network or sue MTV, stating, “MTV is the most hypocritical network out there. Van and Susanne can keep promoting pre-martial sex and promoting leaving the baby after you have it. I’m so glad they have found their moral bar.”

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9. Skins’ Scandal

Along with reality TV, MTV forged ahead with several scripted series which included the series Skins which was based on the well-known British series of the same name. After airing on January 17th, it only took one month for things to go bad for MTV as six advertisers pulled out because of the show’s depiction of teenage drug use and sexual activity. Meanwhile the Parents Television Council also requested an investigation into the show over whether or not its graphic scenes violated child pornography laws. At the time, MTV’s head of programming David Janollari, stated, ”It’s been downplayed, but we did label the series with a TV-MA rating, which is something substantial for this network. We haven’t done that since Jackass.” Unfortunately, along with problems with the show’s content, it also quickly lost viewers and was cancelled after airing its remaining six episodes.

Source: MTV

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