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NCIS: 8 Behind The Scenes Secrets

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For over ten years and almost 14 complete seasons, NCIS has drawn in millions of passionate and loyal fans. During this time, fans have seen NCIS produce spin-offs, go through many shocking twists and turns, and have unfortunately seen the exit of some of the show’s favorite stars. The best part about long-running series is the fact they also have a long history of behind the scenes secrets and drama, and NCIS is no exception! Here are 8 behind the scenes secrets from the hit show:

8. That Sound

One of the trademarks of each NCIS episode is the sound that is heard at the beginning and end of the scenes where it fades to black and white. Although very simple, the sound has become a trademark of the show, and it was created solely by creator Don Bellisario in a rather hilarious way. Bellisario knew he wanted a distinctive sound to “guide” viewers from scene to scene, so he took it upon himself to go into a recording studio and saw what noises he could make with a microphone. He ended up just simply tapping the mic with the palm of his hand and got “that sound.”

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7. Mark Harmon and Don Bellisario

Donald P. Bellisario is the man credited with creating the hit series and was also the showrunner for four seasons before abruptly leaving the series in 2007. As it turns out, Bellisario’s exit was because of disagreements with the show’s main star Mark Harmon. According to reports, the two men often fought while on set with Harmon complaining about Bellisario’s “chaotic management style.” In the end the network decided they needed Harmon the most, forcing Bellisario to step down as showrunner, but he retained his title as executive producer.

Source: FamousFix

Source: FamousFix

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