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One Tree Hill: Brooke Davis’s Love Interests Ranked From Worst To Best

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One Tree Hill had a lot of heart-stopping romantic storylines, and a few of them included heartbreaker herself Brooke Davis. Out of all the amazing main characters on the series, Brooke definitely had the most interesting love life, ending up with some truly great guys, and some that were not. From short flings to full-on romances, Brooke Davis went through quite a bit before she found “the one” and fans were with her every step of the way! Here are all of Brooke Davis’s love interests from One Tree Hill ranked worst to best:

9. Nathan Scott

There are a few reasons why Brooke’s fling with Nathan Scott ends up as the worst of her relationships or hook-ups on the series. First of all, the one-night stand was only exposed well into the series in season four’s “Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers” although it took place before where the Pilot episode began the series. Secondly, the release of the sex tape caused not only turmoil in Nathan and Haley’s friendship, but also almost destroys Brooke and Peyton’s friendship forever in one of their biggest fights ever.

Source: One Tree Hill Wikia


8. Nick Chavez

Honestly, if anyone was going to hook up with a teacher, it was going to be Brooke, but at least she didn’t know he was a teacher and he didn’t know she was a student, at first. In the beginning, Nick Chavez seemed like a hot new fling for Brooke but the red flags went up for fans after he discovered she was his student and didn’t put an end to their relationship. Things only got worse when Nick proved what a sleaze ball he was after he cheated on Brooke with one of the models from her very first fashion show. Brooke Davis could do so much better than sleeping with her teacher, even if he was hot, and she definitely didn’t deserve to be cheated on by someone like him, making it definitely one of her worst relationships.

Source: CW

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