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One Tree Hill: Peyton Sawyer’s Love Interests Ranked From Worst To Best

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For nine seasons, One Tree Hill was one of the most popular series on television. With drama, betrayals, deaths and intriguing storylines, there was a lot for fans to get hooked on. Like any good teen drama, a large focus was on romantic relationships and there were many for a lot of the main characters over the course of the show. While it was inevitable for Peyton Sawyer to end up with Lucas Scott, it took quite awhile for the two to find happiness which meant a few other love interests for Peyton! Take a look back at Peyton Sawyer’s love interests ranked from worst to best:

6. Anna Taggaro

When it comes to Peyton and Anna, Peyton was definitely more of a love interest for Anna than the other way around, but it was one of the few times the show actually introduced a gay character. Although Anna and Peyton’s friendship grew strong quickly, after she kissed Peyton, Anna found out that any additional feelings were not mutual. While Peyton did not feel the same way about Anna, she did stand up for Anna against homophobic remarks that came from Anna’s own brother Felix after he thought there was something going on between the two girls.

Source: C.M’s Thoughts


5. Nathan Scott

Fans were immediately introduced to Peyton Sawyer and Nathan Scott as a couple in the first episode of One Tree Hill, and from the beginning, it was not portrayed as a healthy relationship. They definitely looked good together but that was about where any positives in their relationship ended, and as it turns out they made amazing friends, until that little bump in the road when Peyton found out that Nathan and Brooke had once made a sex tape during one of her and Nathan’s many brief breakups.

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