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Oscars 2017: 7 Most Memorable Moments

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On Sunday, February 26 the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles was once again the site of Hollywood’s biggest night with the 89th Academy Awards. Compared to some years, the 2017 Oscars were not nearly as interesting but it definitely had some exciting and dramatic moments and with Jimmy Kimmel as the host a lot of laughs as well. In the four hour show there was a lot to follow, but in case you missed it, here are the 7 most memorable moments from the 89th Academy Awards:

7. Justin Timberlake’s Opening

For many, awards show are boring, and for others they are tedious, but this year they tried to shake off those thoughts by getting the energy up right away with a performance by Justin Timberlake. JT started the show with a rendition of his hit song “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” and worked hard getting as many of the stars into it as possible. After getting everyone up and dancing, Timberlake introduced Jimmy Kimmel as the host for the night who got things off on the right foot with a well-played *NSYNC joke aimed at Timberlake. It was a good way to get everyone past their nerves, and to keep things upbeat before emotions started to rise and deflate as some were named winners and others lost out on an Oscar.


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6. Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Matt Damon

Unsurprisingly Kimmel’s opening monologue included several political jokes thanks to Donald Trump’s presidency, but it also gave room for Kimmel and Matt Damon’s rivalry to be played out on an even bigger stage. Kimmel used the moment to hilariously roast Damon “in the spirit of healing and coming together” stating that he has known Damon so long that when they first met “I was the fat one.” His semi-apology continued as he went on to talk about Manchester by the Sea, “Matt as you know could have starred in Manchester by the Sea. He was the producer, its nominated for six Oscars including lead actor, and he could have taken that lead actor part for himself. But, he didn’t. He gave that role to Casey Affleck, his childhood friend. He handed what turned out to be an Oscar-caliber role over to his friend and made a Chinese ponytail movie instead. And that movie, The Great Wall, went on to lose 80 million dollars. Smooth move, dumba–,” Kimmel joked to Damon.

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