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Paul Walker’s 10 Best Movie Roles Ranked

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Paul Walker was one of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars before his untimely and tragic death on November 20, 2013 at the age of 40. During his time in Hollywood, Walker became one of the most beloved actors, not only because of his good looks and charms, but for his activism and charity work. He never seemed like the Hollywood type and became family, not just co-workers, with the cast and crew of his films, especially those who worked on the Fast and Furious franchise. Despite his passing, Walker’s memory has lived on in his charity work and foundations which have been carried on through his family and friends, and of course through his many memorable roles. Reminisce on some of Paul Walker’s best films with 10 of his most popular movie roles ranked:

10. Joey Gazelle – Running Scared (2006)

After a few years, Paul Walker had most certainly been pinned as the blonde haired, blue eyed surfer boy which was very much true, but limited his roles, until Running Scared. The film was never a blockbuster but has gained a cult following and starred Walker as Joey Gazelle a low-level associate for a mafia member who gets caught up in a drug deal gone wrong. The role was definitely something much different than Walker’s other roles and while he most certainly pulled it off, the rest of the movie was such a mess, even his performance couldn’t save it.

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9. Lewis – Joy Ride (2001)

After a few co-starring roles, Joy Ride offered Walker the chance to be the lead male star. Walker starred as Lewis Thomas in the 2001 horror film about a road trip prank gone awry. While the movie has become somewhat iconic and even spawned two direct to video sequels, it wasn’t Walker’s best role only because he had so many great ones. There wasn’t a lot required from Walker except to play the hero and outsmart the murderous trucker, and he did just that! Walker was always the perfect hero because he was the kind of guy who everyone wanted to root for, and it is easy to see that without the actor in the lead role, Joy Ride would have been a much worse movie.

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