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Reality Steve’s Bachelor Spoilers 2017: Nick’s Final 6 And Winner

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With every season of the Bachelor, Reality Steve is always on hand to provide fans with spoilers well before the episodes air which include not only complete breakdowns of each episode, but eliminations and even who the eventual winner is. When Nick Viall was named this season’s Bachelor over Luke Pell, many viewers were not pleased, but others are cheering Nick on in the hopes that the fourth time is the charm for the former Bachelorette runner-up. Keep in mind, there are never any guarantees that Reality Steve’s spoilers are correct, and he has been both right and wrong in the past, but his track record is very good. So, if you just can’t wait to find out which beauty Nick picks this season keep reading for his final six and winner.

6. Danielle Maltby

Danielle Maltby ends up being one of the frontrunners for most of Nick’s season and unsurprisingly she makes to the final six. Maltby is a 31-year-old neonatal nurse from Nashville, Tennessee, who tragically lost her fiance before the two could get married, and comes close to winning Nick’s heart. In episode seven, which airs on February 13th, Nick and Danielle go on a 1-on-1 date while the group is in the Bahamas, and it is during the date when Nick eliminates her which is reportedly very difficult for her.

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Mitch Haaseth/ABC


5. Kristina Schulman

Kristina Schulman seems very much Nick’s type so it isn’t too surprising that the 24-year-old dental hygienist from Kentucky makes it to Nick’s final six. As one of the final six, Kristina also gets to be one of the ladies who accompanies Nick to the Bahamas, but unfortunately for her, it doesn’t take too much longer before he decides she isn’t the one. Episode seven ends up being pretty dramatic, as after the mid-date elimination of Danielle M., Nick reportedly goes to the girl’s room ahead of the rose ceremony to eliminate Kristina right then and there. While two girls are sent packing in the episode, there actually doesn’t end up being a rose ceremony because of these rather ruthless eliminations.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

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