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‘She was my guardian angel’ A stranded Ewan McGregor RESCUED by female biker

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 21 Nov 2014 22:54 PM / No Comments / 52 views

A stranded Ewan McGregor RESCUED by female biker...who didn't recognise himGETTY/TWITTER

A stranded Ewan McGregor was rescued by female biker who didn't recognise him in Utah

The 43-year-old has been showering a stranger who helped him out in his hour of need with the full VIP treatment.

Father-of-four Ewan found himself stuck in the middle of no-where last summer when he was driving an old MGA sports car through America; he ran out of fuel in Utah.

While motorists drove past the Hollywood star unaware of whom they were ignoring, one brave female biker stopped to help stranded Ewan.

Madeleine Velazquez, a teacher, gave Ewan petrol and even followed him on her bike to make sure he was okay down the road – all without knowing who he was!

Speaking at the time, Ewan said: “This kind lady Madeleine helped me when I had run out of petrol in Utah. She gave me spare bottles that got me going to the next petrol station.

“Followed me to make sure I made it and when I didn’t she rode ahead and came back with enough to get me there. She’s a true adventure biker…..She was my guardian angel when I was stuck in the middle of nowhere!”

It’s said the pair bonded over the disaster and have become firm friends, with the Hollywood star inviting Madeleine to his broadway show.

A stranded Ewan McGregor RESCUED by female biker...who didn't recognise himTWITTER

Madeleine Velazquez came to the rescue when Ewan broke down in a vintage car

A stranded Ewan McGregor RESCUED by female biker...who didn't recognise himGETTy

Ewan, pictured with his wife, has been treating his rescuer to the VIP treatment

Writing on her blog, the teacher said: “The nice man, Ewan McGregor, who I met in the desert in Utah has more than shared his kindness by saying thank you for helping him in the desert.

“Since we met in Utah, we have maintained a friendship. I went to see his first Broadway performance, The Real Thing. His performance in this play is phenomenal.”

She added: “After the performance, he made arrangements for my sister and I to go backstage and see him. He also brought us to meet the cast at the restaurant. What a lovely experience that was for my sister and I. We were quickly escorted to the SUV through the mobs of crowds, camera lights and arms reaching to touch Ewan. From the safety of the SUV, we watched him sign autographs and speak with the media.

“That evening Ewan and I spoke about my future motorcycle plans to ride the world starting 2017. I extended an invitation to ride South America with his wife Eve, during my world tour. Or, maybe she and I can ride South America, we can call it, ‘Girls ride down’. Since then, Ewan has sent me the ‘Long Way Down’ movie and books about the documentaries.”

Madeleine finished her blog saying: “I continue to be delighted by Ewan’s method of saying thank you to my small act of kindness by helping him on that day.”

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