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So You Think You Can Dance: 8 Behind The Scenes Secrets

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So You Think You Can Dance was an instant smash hit when it first premiered in 2005 and its success has continued over the years as the show just completed its thirteenth season. While things may seem pretty straightforward when watching the show, there are plenty of behind the scenes secrets that people don’t know about – here are 8:

8. Age Restrictions

Any dancer that wants to audition for the show must be between the ages of 18 to 30 to register. If any dancers are minors in their state of residence, they must have a parent or guardian sign all documents. When they register for auditions, they also must provide legal, valid proof of age.

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7. Show Format

The show is typically divided between the selection process, when the judges select competitors, and the competition phase. Although the selection process is produced over the course of months, it is highly edited and usually constitutes only the first two to four weeks of aired episodes while the competition episodes form the remaining eight to nine weeks of the season.

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