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Soap Opera’s 7 Biggest Off-Screen Controversies

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A lot of crazy things have been known to happen in the world of soaps over the years. You have people coming back from the dead, evil twins and doppelgangers popping out of nowhere, as well as unforeseeable corporate takeovers, affairs, and scandals galore. But what about the controversies that take place behind closed doors? Here are the seven biggest soap opera off-screen controversies:

7. Bo Brady Quietly Leaves Days Of Our Lives

While Bo Brady had a comeback in 2015 (only to be killed off a month later), there was a huge off-screen controversy with the actor that played the Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) character in 2012. Rumors surfaced in May of that year that the ever-popular Bo Brady would be cut due to budget issues. DOOL producers apparently asked him to take a salary cut just years after he had already taken a pay reduction of 45%. It was a hard decision, but Reckell left the show behind and Bo made his final appearance at the end of fall 2013. Even more controversial was how Bo was written out of storylines … because he simply wasn’t. He took his mom to California for treatments for her Alzheimer’s and simply never showed up on the soap again. He was mentioned now and again, and was eventually found to be in Europe in 2014 working on a DiMera investigation. The way Bo left was disappointing to many fans at that point in time because there was no closure around such an important character in Salem. That would all be fixed come 2015, but in late 2012, this situation was quite a controversy.

Helga Esteb /

Helga Esteb /


6. Mommy-Daughter Issues At AMC

A young Sarah Michelle Gellar burst onto the soap opera scene at the age of 16, portraying Kendall Hart on All My Children (AMC) in 1993. As the illegitimate daughter of Eric Kane (played by Susan Lucci), the two ladies did not get along very well in Pine Valley at first. Reports indicated that the same could be said for the two actresses behind the scenes as well. There was tension between them, with Sarah’s mom reportedly getting too involved at AMC and Lucci suffering from a little jealousy around her onscreen daughter’s very quick rise in popularity. It also didn’t help that Gellar scored a Daytime Emmy in 1995, only two years after she burst into the soap industry, while at that point in time, Lucci had been the ultimate bridesmaid with the Daytime Emmy’s. She was nominated 15 times, but had yet to win.

© Sara Jaye/ABACA/Featureflash Photo Agency /

© Sara Jaye/ABACA/Featureflash Photo Agency /

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