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Supernatural: 10 Worst Episodes So Far

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Supernatural is a great series, so great in fact that it is now into its 12th season and along the way has amassed one of the largest and most loyal fanbases of perhaps any TV show ever. Like with all long-running series, however, not everything can go flawlessly and amidst 12 seasons of episodes. There are always a few that were just not the writer’s best work. Since Supernatural fans are so passionate, there are always differences in opinions on the worst and the best when it comes to the series, but these 10 episodes are widely agreed upon to be some of the worst of all:

10. Wendigo

Sorry Supernatural, but Charmed did the Wendigo storyline way better years before. Season one’s “Wendigo” is perhaps one of the most contested episodes of Supernatural’s canon, only because it was clearly awful, yet it was only the second episode of the series, so fans have to cut it some slack. Regardless, after the amazing pilot episode, “Wendigo” was a huge letdown. Later, creator Eric Kripke admitted that the episode was one of the worst of all and was extremely disappointed with the wendigo design.

Source: CW


9. All Dogs Go To Heaven

Way more than is necessary it would seem Supernatural has delved into dog or animal episodes and while some were brilliant (Dog Dean Afternoon), season six’s “All Dogs Go to Heaven” was one of the worst. Overall the episode was downright strange, but more than that, many of its aspects were just a let-down. For animal lovers, the fear of adopting a dog because it could be a skinwalker was just sad, and then for the skinwalkers to be less than creepy or scary was just even more of a disappointment.

Source: CW

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