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Supernatural’s 10 Funniest Episodes

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As far as CW series go, Supernatural is one of its darkest, but at the same time, one of its most successful. Despite its dark, sometimes twisted and sometimes gory episodes, it is also extremely funny and the humor has been one of the show’s strongest qualities for all 12 seasons. The natural chemistry between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles has made a lot of the jokes turn out incredibly well, not to mention Ackles’ penchant for being a jokester. Take a look back at 10 of Supernatural’s funniest episodes yet:

10. Mystery Spot (Season 3, Episode 11)

Season three’s “Mystery Spot” hit a nostalgic spot with a lot of fans thanks to its “Groundhog Day” inspired premise. The running joke of Sam repeating the same Tuesday again and again and waking up to Asia’s “Heat of the Night” is hilarious. Granted it wasn’t fun or funny to watch Dean die over and over in different ways, but the majority of the episode is definitely one of the most memorable when it comes to humorous Supernatural moments.

Source: Fanpop

Source: Fanpop


9. Dog Dean Afternoon (Season 9, Episode 5)

It seems quite a few of the funniest episodes were in the earlier seasons but not season nine’s “Dog Dean Afternoon.” Fans are well aware that Jensen Ackles has a talent for comedy and it was on display in this episode where Dean takes a special potion in order to be able to understand and speak to canines. Of course Dean also starts to take on some of the characteristics of his four legged friends which makes for an even more entertaining episode, not to mention heart warming when he sets the animals free.

Source: CW

Source: CW

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