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Teen Mom: 15 Shocking Revelations From Amber Portwood’s ‘Never Too Late’

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Back in June of 2009, MTV fans were introduced to Amber Portwood with her episode of 16 & Pregnant, and for the subsequent seven years, she has continued to share her story as one of the four women picked for the hugely popular spin-off series, Teen Mom. In those seven years, Amber has shared all of the very high highs and very low lows of her life, and has had one of the most tumultuous journeys out of all the young women on the series. Then in 2014, Amber put out her first memoir “Never Too Late” and it became apparent that not everything was shared with the MTV cameras. So, go behind-the-scenes, and find 15 of the most shocking things about Amber, her life and filming that you never knew!

15. Early Life

Amber’s story on 16 & Pregnant jumps right into her pregnancy with Leah, but her book gives fans a better idea just who Amber was before becoming pregnant at a young age. Amber goes into detail about her childhood, which started off with normal and happy family memories, but everything changed when her younger sister Candace, died at only two weeks old of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). “After Candace died, my family started to deteriorate. That was the start of the bad times that turned everything into a blur in my memory,” she wrote in the book and went on to reveal how both her parents developed drinking problems, but her dad’s alcoholism turned her parent’s relationship into nothing but screaming matches.

Source: Ok Magazine

Source: Ok Magazine


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14. Suicide Attempt

One of the most shocking things in “Never Too Late” is Amber’s admittance that as a young child she “just felt wrong,” and was already battling depression before she could comprehend what it was which eventually led to a suicide attempt when she was only 11 years. “No one was home when I did it. I just took a cord into the bathroom and hung it on the fan in the ceiling, and I looped it around my neck […] I just leaned into it and picked up my feet. It’s so hazy that I only remember certain details, like feeling tons of pressure behind my ears and then waking up on the floor. […] I didn’t try again, I just kind of chalked it up to a failure. And I couldn’t get the fan back up right because the screw was stripped, so after that it was always kind of messed up and made this weird sound when it was on.” She went on to add that every day she would notice that sound and would “have to remember what I’d done that day.”

Source: Ok Magazine

Source: Ok Magazine

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