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Teen Mom: 15 Shocking Revelations From Maci Bookout’s ‘Bulletproof’

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Fans of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant have been following the story of Maci Bookout for the past eight years since she was 16-years-old! She’s come a long way since then both as a mom and reality star. She began starring on the spin-off series Teen Mom and now Teen Mom OG. We’ve watched her go from a scared pregnant teenager to a loving mother with a post-secondary education, successful job and a great relationship with her soon-to-be husband Taylor McKinney. Maci’s been on a reality show for just under 10 years, so no doubt she’s shared a lot with the world and viewers probably feel like they know a lot about her, but when she released her autobiography Bulletproof, we realized we really didn’t. There’s a lot that the cameras didn’t pick up, like how she found out she was pregnant, her relationship with Ryan before Bentley, her private and personal thoughts, the backlash of becoming a reality star and the break down of all her relationships. If you haven’t read her book, don’t fret! We’ve created a list of 15 most shocking revelations from Bulletproof:

15. The Early Days with Ryan

Maci met Ryan through the social network of motorcross. She’s been riding dirt bikes and hanging out at local race tracks since she was little, and it was through this community that she met all of her boyfriends. One day her friend Abby called her and said there was am older guy named Ryan who had seen her around and was interested in meeting her. They connected through MySpace and, although Maci writes that she was adamant she didn’t want a boyfriend, she was definitely interested in Ryan. After a few months of Ryan courting Maci, she caved and allowed him to be her boyfriend. Despite their tumultuous relationship on television, Maci wrote in her book that things between her and Ryan were actually really good before she got pregnant. There was no fighting, no mind games, no conflicts, no trust issues, things seemed perfect. She also said that she never felt pressured by Ryan to take their relationship further. In fact, according to her, it was the other way around. She waited three or four months into their relationship until she couldn’t hold off any longer and they finally slept together.




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14. How She Found Out

Maci wrote about the day she found out she was pregnant and said it happened on a Saturday while she was in the shower. The second she stepped into the shower she was hit with a wave of nausea. It was so bad she had to get out of the shower and sit by the toilet. When she was feeling better and got back in the shower she then realized the spray of water was hurting her breasts. The wheels started turning in her head and she knew what the symptoms meant. She didn’t tell anyone for the next few days and tried to ignore it while secretly freaking out in her own head. When Monday rolled around and she was back at school, she knew she had to take a test or she’d drive herself crazy. She found some tests under the sink at home and took one, only to reaffirm what she already suspected. What might be surprising to learn is the next person she told, other than Ryan, was her brother Matt. It was late at night when she texted him to meet her downstairs. After a few moments of silence, she told him. He went with her to the pharmacy to get more tests which were once again positive. He helped set her up with a doctor for her initial check ups until she was ready to confront their parents.



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