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Teen Mom 2: 15 Shocking Revelations From Jenelle Evans’ ‘Read Between The Lines’

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In February 2010, MTV fans were first introduced to Jenelle Evans with her dramatic season premiere episode of 16 and Pregnant‘s second season. Since then audiences have followed her endless rollercoaster ride of highs and lows through Teen Mom 2 and there is no denying she has become one of the most talked about and criticized stars of the franchise. In July 2017 Evans released her very first book “Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom” which she developed using her childhood diaries in an effort for people to learn more about who is she and why she is the way she is aside from the glimpses of her life they see on TV. Of course, real life is always more dramatic and interesting than anything MTV has shown, so here are 15 of the most shocking revelations from her book:

15. Robert Evans

Those who have followed Jenelle’s story definitely got to know her mom Barbara, but they also know Jenelle rarely if ever speaks about any other aspect of her family, including her father. In her first chapter titled “The F Word”, she opened up about her complicated relationship with her dad, Robert Evans. Barbara and Robert were married for 10 years and had three children Ashleigh, Colin, and Jenelle. According to Jenelle they were far from the perfect family, and Robert and Barbara had a rocky marriage, as he worked at a recording studio, spent a lot of time away from home and didn’t make enough to pay the bills. In the end, the final straw for Barbara was when Robert fell down a full flight of stairs while holding a young Jenelle and Barbara kicked him out. After that, they saw even less of their father and eventually Barbara went on to have a long relationship with a man named Mike – who appeared on Teen Mom 2 – and also played a part in the last time Jenelle saw her dad. “We were sitting on the porch waiting patiently, Mike standing with us, when our dad’s car pulled down the road. Dad slowed down, looked right at all of us sitting there, then pulled away as if he didn’t know any of us,” she stated in the book. “I would like to think my dad is a great but misunderstood man. I would like to, but he cut me out of his life when I was eleven. It’s hard to draw an opinion of a man who I feel gave up on me… and life in general.”

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14. Siblings

After almost eight years of following Jenelle’s life, it might be surprising for fans to learn that she indeed has siblings because she never talks about them and they have certainly never been featured on the show. “I know why they call it sibling rivalry because I sure fought with my brother and sister a lot. Yet my relationship  trouble with the pair of them goes far beyond just healthy competition or natural disagreements,” she wrote of growing up with her older siblings, Ashleigh and Colin. “Growing up I spent a lot of time with my brother, so when he got agitated, I had more patience for him. Not so much for my sister. She was a ball of stress I never really understood. To be fair, all three of us suffer from various emotional problems.” She also explained how her sister ended up becoming “weird” which included dabbling in witchcraft and became known for her “unusual behavior” which reflected back on Jenelle as many people figured she would be just like her sister, which meant when her family moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, Jenelle was the happiest out of all of her siblings. “It was a fresh start for me. Nobody knew my sister so they didn’t have a preconceived notion of how I should act.” The reality star also explained that her sister still lives near their mom, got married, had a baby, got a divorce and then “she ended up having a second kid with her ex-husband’s best friend. I know, right? […] I wish her all the happiness in the world, but I don’t know if she has it in her to be a happy person. Some people live through misery. They are only satisfied when everything, and everyone, around them are broken,” she wrote of her sister now.

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