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Teen Mom 2 Star Kailyn Lowry’s Surprise Third Pregnancy Details: 6 Fast Facts

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Fans of Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry are used to surprises in her life, but it is safe to say no one saw this coming. On Thursday, February 23 the 24-year-old revealed she was pregnant with her third child, and everyone was shocked. Lowry had just finalized her divorce from her ex-husband Javi Marroquin with whom she shares son Lincoln, and is also a mother to her son Isaac with her ex Jo. In a previous Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Lowry had stated one of the reasons for her split with Javi was that he wanted another baby and she didn’t because she wanted to focus on her career, making her new pregnancy even more surprising. While Lowry will still be graduating from school this spring, here are all the details about her surprise pregnancy.

6. Why?

When it comes to most pregnancies asking why isn’t really necessary, but after Lowry seemed to insist she didn’t want more kids, and that played as a factor in her divorce from Javi, many fans are confused as to why she would say that but now be pregnant. “I didn’t want to bring another child into a failing marriage. Shortly after I started having complications, the option of having more kids was almost taken from me. When I started thinking long and hard, I knew I wanted more. This was the choice I made. This is the baby I thought I wasn’t sure I could have,” she explained in her announcement on her blog. She added in an interview with Ashley’s Reality Roundup, “After seeing how little support I had during my miscarriage. I truly thought I was done having kids and would finish school and focus on other things. I started having [female] complications and was told my chances of every carrying another baby to term were essentially cut in half. I realized that I did want another child eventually.”

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5. With Who?

Aside from why she would get pregnant after saying she didn’t want another baby, the second most asked question is who is the father. Kailyn has confirmed it is not Javi’s baby, but is declining to say who the father is. In her interview, she simply stated, “I was told that as I get older, my chances of conceiving and carrying to term will be less and less. Long story short, the person I was with and I took the chance to see if I could get pregnant.” She added, “I have two boys now, and I wanted my kids to all be in the same age group. If I wanted to have a third child, I knew it had to be relatively soon.”

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