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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Most Popular Couples Ranked

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The Big Bang Theory has gone on for 10 years now and it has explored all kinds of different human relationships from friendships to family to romance. While there have been many one-off dates for the main characters, there have only been a few real relationships, some of which were great, and others that just couldn’t work. Fans have seen a lot of love interests come and go, a lot of couples form and a whole lot of breakups and makeups through The Big Bang Theory’s many seasons, so here are the 10 most popular couples from the series ranked form worst to best:

10. Amy and Stuart

Yes, Amy Farrah Fowler and Stuart Bloom only went on two dates, and it could hardly be considered a relationship, but as two of the funniest characters on the show, they couldn’t be left off this list. The pair found themselves on a date in season five’s tenth episode “The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition,” when Stuart worked up the courage to ask her out as she is one of the only women who doesn’t look at him with “soul-sucking, ball-shriveling hatred and contempt.” Obviously their coffee date went well enough to warrant a second date to the movies. Unfortunately, Amy’s heart was still with Sheldon and she had no real interest in Stuart, and Stuart never had enough confidence making it a hilarious episode, but not a love match.

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9. Stephanie and Leonard

Despite Leonard and Penny forming the show’s central couple, Leonard did quite a bit of dating when the pair were on one of their breaks. One of Leonard’s worst relationships of all was with Stephanie Barnett after it started off on the wrong foot when he met her when she was on a date with Howard. The two never seemed to have the right connection and were clearly not on the same page when it came to how quickly the relationship was moving. Fans could never fully get behind this couple for so many reasons, including lack of chemistry, making them one of the show’s worst couples.

Source: CBS

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