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The Big Bang Theory’s 12 Best Celebrity Appearances

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Through ten seasons, The Big Bang Theory has become one of the biggest and most successful sitcoms in TV history. While its success has meant great things for the series’ core cast, it has also attracted some huge names, especially those link to sci-fi series and the scientific community at large. By now there have been a ton of amazing celebrity appearances and guest stars on The Big Bang Theory, but these 12 were the absolute best! Check it out:

12. Stan Lee

Stan Lee is the master of cameos, and while fans are used to it in his numerous Marvel movies, he couldn’t resist the urge to do the same on TV’s biggest series. After many mentions of the comic book icon, Lee finally appeared in the season three episode “The Excelsior Acquisition,” and as to be expected, his talent for humor was at the top of its game. His reaction when Penny and Sheldon show up at his house unexpectedly was amazing, and resulted in him getting a restraining order against Sheldon, which of course he cherished.


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11. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was one of The Big Bang Theory’s creator Bill Prady’s “dream guests” long before he finally appeared on season five’s “The Hawking Excitation.” Along with smaller appearances, including where he is just seen on a computer, Hawking has now appeared in six episodes, and provided more humor than anyone could have expected. Hawking has absolutely no problem poking fun at others, and even more surprisingly, at himself! He is even a really good sport about the jokes that are made about him, which just adds to how fantastic his appearances have been.

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