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The Voice’s 10 Best Celebrity Guest Mentors

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NBC’s The Voice is now into its twelfth season and has become one extremely popular reality singing competition series. As well as seeing the talent on the show, many fans are drawn in by the celebrity coaches and their guest mentor and advisors. Every season, each coach brings in a celebrity advisor to help the artists on their teams work on their sound, their stage presence and to talk them through everything that comes along with performing songs. While some of these guest mentors weren’t as good at giving advice as fans would have hoped, others were amazing additions, so here are the 10 best celebrity guest mentors to appear on The Voice:

10. Cher (Season 5)

In season five, the one and only Cher stepped in as the celebrity advisor for Team Blake. Her presence alone was enough to elevate the moods of both audiences and the artists she was mentoring. While many thought she would do a bit more critiquing than she did, it actually didn’t matter because just wanting to impress Cher was enough for all the artists to feel the pressure to step up their game. It was fun seeing Cher and Blake interact, and even more fun to see the impact she had on the artists without even speaking.

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9. Taylor Swift (Season 4 and Season 7)

When Taylor Swift was announced as one of the mentors for season four, many rolled their eyes, but the fact of the matter is, there is no one who knows better how to impress your audience, and give your best performance. Swift was brought in for Team Usher and was actually quite impressive as a mentor and did a great job helping artists work on their showmanship aspect of performing. In fact, she did so well she was asked back in season seven and this time was there to advise all of the teams because of the help she offered in season four.

Source: NBC

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