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The Young And The Restless’ 9 Most Disappointing Moments

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Soap fans love drama and no show does it better than The Young and the Restless (Y&R). Love affairs, scandals, fancy shindigs, high-level corporate meetings, cosmetic controversies, and so much more. Genoa City residents have sure had some incredible moments over the years, but they’ve also had their fair share of letdowns as well. While there have been times fans have celebrated with the high points, they’ve also cried with their favorite characters over the low ones. Below is an overview of the top nine disappointing moments of the Y&R.

9. Delia’s Death

Shocking, saddening, and oh-so disappointing, Delia Abbott’s death rocked Genoa City almost four years ago, and continues to be an arc in many storylines that revolve around certain characters today. She had just recovered from cancer only a year before she got hit by Adam Newman’s car. We all thought there was a very good possibility she would survive the tragic crash, but sadly, she did not. The moment her parents realized that their little girl was no more had to be one of the more disappointing moments on the soap. Not to mention the slap that was heard around the world when Chloe declared it was Billy’s fault and then hit him across the face.




8. JT Takes Reed From Victoria

JT Hellstrom and Victoria Newman made quite the couple back in the day. However, things fell apart fast as with most relationships on daytime and the two found themselves separating and divorcing. However, there was also little Reed to think of and JT decided at that point that he didn’t want his young son to be influenced by Vicky’s dad, the all-powerful Victor Newman. JT ended up winning sole custody of Reed in 2010 after a misunderstanding around Adam Newman’s murder investigation had Vicky locked up at the police station during the same time she had her custody hearing. She got another hearing, but thanks to an intervening Victor, she lost that one too. Victoria was devastated, but felt the pain even more later that year when JT decided to follow his fiance Mackenzie to Washington … and he took Reed along with him.

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Source: YouTube

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