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This Is Us S2 Episode 8 Recap: 8 Can’t Miss Moments From ‘Number One’

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Over the past season and a half there is no denying that Kevin Pearson has been the least explored and least developed character on This Is Us, but season two’s eighth episode “Number One” changed all that. The series has mastered the art of the flashback and has created some of the most emotional moments on TV, but fans had not seen anything until they saw this episode. It seems This Is Us is going to be delving deeper into the Big Three as individuals with their own episodes, and started with Kevin as the first born. Justin Hartley delivered an incredible performance and of course — there was a bombshell dropped. Follow along for a full recap with these 8 can’t miss moments from the episode:

8. Fire Hazard

The episode began with a flashback to the Big Three learning to walk, and Kevin who was already nicknamed “Number One” because he was born first was the first to walk as his parents Jack and Rebecca videotaped and cheered on their baby boy. Aside from the flashback, the episode spent most of the time looking at Kevin as a teenager in the months before his father’s death and Kevin in the present. One of the episode’s biggest moments was ironically one of the smallest. As the three kids are seen in their rooms with Randall filling out his Harvard application, Kevin looking at his Notre Dame application and Kate listening to music with her dog, the power goes out and Jack has to fix the fuse in the box in the house. The moment may have seemed minuscule in terms of the episode as a whole, but it may have been a big hint to how the Pearson’s home burns down and in the process how Jack dies. It seems the faulty fuse box may have a much bigger role than anyone anticipated in the episode.



7. Teenage Kevin

The focus on Kevin as a teenager, played by Logan Shroyer, showed Kevin as an arrogant, and disrespectful teenager which all comes to a head during a visit with the coach from Pitt state. As the McKinley High football star, Kevin wanted Notre Dame and nothing else, so he was a complete jerk to the coach who made the visit to the Pearson’s home. After the coach left, Jack and Kevin got into an argument where Jack ordered Kevin to write an apology letter to the coach for his “embarrassing” behavior, and Kevin retaliated with telling Jack he knows the feeling alluding to his embarrassment over his father attending AA and going through the 12 step program. After their argument, Kevin later saw his father struggling with being sober and kneeling on the kitchen floor reciting the AA Serenity Prayer, and while seeing his father vulnerable brought Kevin to tears, he couldn’t step up and give his father any respect.

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