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TLC’s 9 Biggest Stars: How Much Are They Worth?

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TLC started off as “The Learning Channel” and has since expanded into a reality TV dynamo network. Over the past few years, TLC has turned many “regular” people into stars by filming their lives that are anything but regular to viewers. With so many different stories being told, fans have watched loyally each and every season, and now those once regular people are full-fledged reality stars, and their lives have been changed by the fortune that comes with fame. As everyone is well aware, reality stars are not on the same level as other celebrities, which makes many wonder just how much do they get paid to broadcast their lives to the public? For a better idea, check out how much some of TLC’s biggest and most popular stars from shows both past and present are worth!

9. Kody Brown – Sister Wives

Estimated Net Worth: $ 800 Thousand. Fans of TLC know Kody Brown as the polygamist at the head of the series Sister Wives. He is the legal husband of Meri Brown and has a “spiritual union” with three other women, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. The show debuted in 2010 and has had great success on TLC, leaving Kody with an estimated net worth of $ 800 thousand. Meanwhile his wife Janelle has an estimated net worth of $ 400 thousand, as does his wife Meri.

Photo by KCR/REX Shutterstock

Photo by KCR/REX Shutterstock


8. Bill Klein and Jen Arnold – The Little Couple

Estimated Net Worth: $ 3.5 Million. Bill Klein and Jen Arnold each had their own money before becoming reality stars thanks to the series The Little Couple. Arnold is a neonataologist while Klein works in medical supplies and telemarketing which help the two get the funds to adopt two children. Reality stardom and a successful series has also helped greatly with their income, especially as they dealt with launching their own business, and Jen’s battle with cancer. The pair now have an estimated net worth of $ 3.5 million.

Source: TLC

Source: TLC

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