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VIDEO: Watch 25 Billy Elliots dance together in cinema spectacular

By newadmin / Published on Friday, 21 Nov 2014 19:50 PM / No Comments / 105 views

What could be better than seeing Billy Elliot tap his little heart out on stage?

How about 25 of them?

This extraordinary musical moment came in a recent one-off show that was broadcast live around the world – topping the UK box office in the process.

Past stars, including all three original Olivier Award winning Billys (James Lomas, George Maguire and Liam Mower) are joined by current stars Elliott Hanna, Bradley Perret, Ollie Jochim, and Matteo Zecca for this show-stopping number.

And now you can enjoy all the leaping about from the comfort of your own sofas with the home entertainment release of Billy Elliot The Musical Live.

As well as the sight of the toe-tapping terrors in full and glorious motion, we have another treat coming up for you, too.


Billy Elliott film specialPH

Musical history: 25 Billy Elliotts on stage at once

Our second clip is a far sweeter scene from the show that always tugs on our heartstrings.

It’s the beautiful moment when Liam Mower, the first boy ever to play the role of Billy on stage, returns in the role of Older Billy for a mesmerising performance of the Dream Ballet sequence where our young hero dances with his older self.

Fittingly, he is joined by Elliott Hanna who currently plays the role of Billy Elliot.


Billy Elliot The Musical is, of course based on Stephen Daldry’s smash hit film from 2000. 

Daldry, himself, gives a special introduction to this unique filmed performance.

The film made a star of Jamie Bell and featured the fabulous Julie Walters as his cranky dance teacher in a small Northern mining town in the depths of the 1984/5 miners’ strike.

West End star Ruthie Henshall plays the role in this special production.

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